How to Tell If A Guy Likes You: 12 Signs

how to tell if a guy likes you

A person, a man or a woman, could tell if somebody likes them. It is usually very subtle but crystal clear when a person fancies us. A guy, even a shy guy, would give so many signs to show a woman that he likes her. It’s really hard not to see the obvious… unless you’re really into him as well which will put you in a different situation, because you’ll most likely be afraid of rejection. In that case sometimes your objectivity is impaired due to your feelings towards him therefore the fear of getting hurt might be on the way for you to see the signs that he likes you. Let’s state one more time the obvious and give a list to show what’s the best way to tell if a guy likes you:

1. He Glances Continuously. This is probably the one of the most important signs to notice. When a guy is smitten with you he would always find a way to watch you and glance your way. He would constantly try to make eye contact even if it means stalking you a little bit. If your eyes meet, he can do one of these two or one after the other: his eyes would light up or/then he would probably look away… He would look away because either he gets shy or he’s trying to hide his interest not being sure of your feelings.

2. He’s Full of Questions: He would genuinely be interested in you. He may not find the right questions to ask, but nevertheless he would try to prolong the small talk not wanting to let you go. Eventually he would dig deeper and would like to know more about you, your life, your passions and much more. He will pay attention to what you say and surprisingly he will remember the details you tell him. He will ask your birthday. He would also inquire about your romantic liaisons, whether you have somebody in your life or not. He may not ask that directly but it’s a burning question for him to find out about your availability. If you just came out from a relationship and you’re hurting, he would offer his shoulder to you, listen to you, console you and most likely strongly disapprove your ex and his behavior toward you.

3. He Approaches You: He would more times than not initiate the conversation. And the conversation would be something outside than what your circumstances are. If he’s somebody you work with, he would talk about things outside from work, if he’s somebody you take a class with he would talk about some weekend activity, if he’s somebody you ran into in a coffee shop he would talk about an interesting hobby and so on. This brings us to the next sign: him wanting to make plans with you.

4. He Wants to Make Plans with You: He explicitly shows interest to do things together with you. He will be excited to carve time to share things with you. By asking you ton of questions before he probably established some common interests with you and he would like to participate in those together with you. Even if you do not share any interests he would want to try out the things you like to do.

how to tell if a guy likes you

5. He is Eager to Show You His Best Side: He knows you are a wonderful catch and he would want the best he can be around you. He would joke around with you and tease you trying to make you laugh. He would put a lot of effort to impress you with his manners, words, actions, and sometimes his looks. Sometimes he would find subtle ways to do it, but sometimes in order to fully impress you fast his ways won’t be that subtle.

6. He Would Use Social Media to Reach Out to You: Yes, we definitely cannot leave social media out of the play. He will definitely send you a friend request via Facebook if he’s not already in your circles and if he’s he would “like” your posts and comment on them. Most guys would be so ready to show others that they like you. So it’s not unusual to see some”personal” comments on Facebook while everybody can read those as well.

7. He Will Call You, Text You, Send Messages to You: This is quite an important sign to recognize on how to tell if a guy likes you. Most guys are not good in talking over the phone but he would call you wanting to talk and even more importantly listen to you more than 5 minutes.

8. Body Language and smiles: Watch out for his body language. That’s one of the most important signs especially for shy guys. He probably wants to get closer to you than normal, turns his body and leans towards you as if he wants to be the only one in your aura. He’s facing you and giving you lots of attention with his body too. He would take every opportunity to touch you. He can’t help but smiling… you just light up his day. Connect his wanting to have an eye contact and his smiling as you have it and it will tell a great deal about how he feels about you.

But of course the body language may not be as pronounced with a shy guy. If he’s reserved and shy verbally he would probably be shy with his gestures as well. Nevertheless he won’t be able to help but showing you that he likes you, if you know how to read the signs. They may not block other to get closer to you, but they will be around you or in your vicinity. For shy guys a quick smile not involving eye contact is the best way to greet someone but if they like you they will actually look at you accompanied by their irresistible smile.

9. Be Ready to Receive Ton of Compliments: He will compliment your looks, appearance, clothes, perfume, personality and/or anything and everything else about you. He will notice small changes you make to your hair style when nobody else sees them. He will stop and smell you even without making you notice it.

10. He’s Nervous around You: Rejection is a bigger issue for men. How couldn’t it be? They have always been expected to do the first move, therefore have probably been rejected many times already. Liking somebody brings back those rejection feelings but also gives a guy courage to approach. Nevertheless it’s quite normal for him to be nervous around you, and to mumble, not to know what to say, or to say out-of-place things when he wants to make intelligent observations.

11. Shy Guy or “Cool” Guy? Cool guys as well as the shy guys are very much afraid of rejection. Shy guys would like to do things with time and cool guys, on the other hand, on their own terms. But both might apply same tactic: they might totally ignore you as if you do not exist.

12. Is He Your Guardian Angle?: Is he protective of you? Is he jealous of all the attention you get from other people or the attention you give to other people? Is he offering help to do your errands or solve your problems? Is he hanging out with some others just because you’re there too? Does he show no interest in checking his phone or the time when he’s with you? Would he be that way if he didn’t like you!

how to tell if a guy likes you

Bottom line is…

These are a few facts how to tell if a guy likes you. The body language and eye contact would be the greatest signs of all. Go with what they do (gestures) than what they say (words). Because people are usually capable of saying anything but then when the words should follow that up. And if they don’t, there is usually trouble. For instance someone might say that he’s very thoughtful but never does anything to show it. Saying it will never make that person thoughtful, but owning it will do.

Best strategy for a woman is not to over analyze the signs a guy gives. If you see any of the signs listed above and if you reciprocate the feeling you should respond him, because he’s not going to like you forever without you doing anything about it. Be positive about it and keep interacting. Make sure to know him a little bit more before starting to invest a whole lot more. This is the beginning of a possible relationship, there is a lot more to do as the relationship develops.

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