How to Make Him Want You: How Attraction Works for Men?

how to make a guy want you

5 Basic Tips on How Attraction Works for Men

What do we really mean by “how to make him want you”? Do we talk about his sexual desires, affection and love, or physical attraction? Or all of them together? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just understand how to make him want us, how it really works in his mind and psyche? It’s a hard job for a woman to take the perspective of the man in a relationship, but it is also a crucial effort for a positive and healthy sharing.

Although each man will be distinct in his tastes and his desires and will be attracted to and by different things and different women, there are a few common treats we should know about. Some of these are pretty easy to digest and quite obvious, but others might require more attention and work on your side. By knowing these keys to attraction, you would have more changes to sustain them over the long term too. The attraction rules for men are much more simpler than what you might think. Let’s review what we can use to our advantage:

How Attraction Works for Men?

1. Be Hot!: While every man will be attracted to different kinds of beauty and physical appearance, seeing a “hot” woman is something no man can resist. This will definitely increase attraction in him, but let’s redefine what hot is first: in order to be hot you don’t need to dress up, put a ton of make-up, use a lot of chemical products on your skin and hair, wear high heels all the time. You have to be clean, taking good care of yourself and body including your skin, your hair, your face. You also not to try to look younger or older than your real age.

Sleep enough so that your skin looks healthy and radiant, that way you won’t need to cover it with chemical products. Eat and drink healthy, so that your body is at its best. Exercise and be active. Nobody will be attracted to a woman who’s not healthy, who’s not motivated and is lazy to move, to take walks or go dancing with them. Just be very fit.

It’s nice to wear fancy and sexy out-fits when going out. Do it if that’s your style but remember you cannot keep up with your man if you’re constantly in high heels. Being natural, wearing every day clothing will make you look as hot if you are healthy inside out and you look your best at all times.

2. Make him feel great!: A man loves to be around a woman who would make him feel good. His attraction will increase parallel to the level of comfort he feels around you. Think about the ways to make him feel good. A few ways that instantly come into mind are appreciating him as a person, being kind and nice to him, complimenting him from time to time, not being a girlfriend that requires high maintenance (both emotional and physical), not nagging or being needy around him, not telling him what to do all the time (that’s his mother’s job),  keeping calm and gathered…

3. Forgive easily, not drag it!: When a woman constantly sweats or make her man sweat over small things and persistently nag her boyfriend or partner over every little thing, he will start to disconnect from her and subsequently she will become less and less attractive to him. When something does not go right you have to put it into big perspective and should show the maturity to let certain things go. It’s important to express gratitude for his apology, this will certainly put you on a pedestal in a man’s eyes. There is nothing more powerful in order for him to feel attracted to you than feeling comfortable around you and knowing that a life together with you will be based on love and support and not constant walking on an egg shell. If you make a big deal out of every little thing, then the real big facts will lose their strength for you to fight for. Hanging on to irrelevant stuff in the long run will make you build up anger and this cannot be healthy for any kind of relationship.

4. Shine your self-confidence. We can’t stress this enough for any stage of a relationship. A man will find you attractive at first sight if you have the right dose of self-confidence, and will continue to do so after many years of marriage. A woman who knows what she wants, finds ways to fight for it, and is not afraid of getting it will give her such a confidence, the kind that men cannot resist. They in fact for the most part find it very sexy too. Confidence is not something that you can fake though. If you think that you don’t possess enough self-confidence, it’s something that you should work on, not to attract men but to be a more fulfilled individual first. Once you’re confident all the other components of life will fall into place. It’s important for a woman to carry herself in the world to show others that you are a capable person on your own and you innately are not interested to be approved by others. You will shine to attract any man you want!

5. Smiling is omnipotent. When you see an attractive man, wouldn’t you want him to be approachable, sociable and open? That would make the first interaction so much easier. Men feel the same way. In fact smiling is the most efficient way to create that positive first impression and attraction in a man. Do not underestimate the omnipotence of a warm and welcoming smile. But it should come from within. When you’re happy with who you are and where you are in life, regardless of being single or in a relationship, you will smile more and your smiles will last longer. If you smile to somebody that you do not know, this will show him that you’re congenial and pleasant giving him courage to talk to you. If you smile to the man that you are with, it will show him that you still like to be with him and you find the time spent with him delightful making him at ease around you. If you smile to the man you have been married to for sometime, that will show him that you still love him and no matter what happens as long as you’re together their will be a solution to every hurdle along the way. What could be more attractive to a man than this!

The point is…

The bottom line with understanding how attraction works in men is not to put too much effort and thought into it. If you over analyze whether a man wants you and push hard to make him want you, it simply won’t work.  Accept the fact that men are simpler than we think, and yes they are.  They will pursue a relationship if they find you attractive. Sometimes that attraction lingers but sometimes it disappears very quickly. Even men themselves are not capable of explaining what they are attracted to. Just continue to look great without trying too hard, be yourself, have your own life without being dependent on him too much, show your personality, don’t nag or beg constantly, give him space and show appreciation, be positive and keep smiling. He’d be so stupid not to want you more…

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