Fundamental Dating Tips for Women

dating tips for women

Are you looking for applicable and effective dating tips for women?

Every personal situation might require a different type of dating advice but some of the dating tips for women will produce successful results not only in your dating life but also in creating the imperative self-confidence and determining if you have viable relationship to hang on to.

Are you one of these women?

Have you been in the dating scene for a while and even though tried different methods and approaches you aren’t sure why your dating life is not moving forward to a meaningful relationship? Have you found yourself single again after a long lasting relationship or marriage and have no idea what are the latest trends and how to jump back to this new and intimidating world of dating? Do you feel like most women you know do it with such ease and yet you flounder about in the offshore waters feeling unskilled any time someone new approaches you to ask you out?

Well, this is not the end of the world, and you are certainly not alone in this.

First off, many women go through the same struggles not knowing what they might be doing wrong. Be assured that there is no right or wrong in the dating world. You are most likely going about it a bit off target or you might simply need some dating tips for women that will make the process a little smoother, but not effortless by no means.

10 Fundamental Dating Tips for Women

Follow these and other relationship advice and tips throughout this website and watch your dating life improve faster than even you expected.

#1. Don't be ashamed that you're not in a relationship

But don't make excuses for not being intimately involved either. If you want to be in a relationship or you are looking for love make it a priority, certainly not an obsession. There is a big difference. You will have to do something about it and come up with a game plan. And you will follow it!

#2. Be in a good relationship with yourself

Self-esteem and self-love are two tightly related issues. If you have insufficient self-love you will most likely suffer from low self-esteem, and this will make it impossible for you to ever reach the potential that you suspect you have in life as well as in love.  You have to make a conscious decision to love yourself that will allow you to become happy and lead a fulfilled life. When you do not make that healthy and natural choice, you are actually telling the Universe that you are unworthy or undeserving to receive any love. Send the message to men that you are a confident woman who is worth dating, loving and getting married to.

#3. Take good care of your health and body

You should indulge in proper nutrition and regular exercise. You DO need to show yourself and your body the love and care they deserve, and to treat them with respect. This will not only allow you to be in touch with yourself and your body’s needs, but it will also help cultivating an appreciation for your strengths and gifts. And this will in return nourish your Soul. If you treat your body and health with respect, you will attract only QUALITY people who will show you the same respect.

#4. Look your best

When you look your best you will feel good about yourself. Wearing clothing and accessories as well as a hair style that will emphasize and compliment your best physical features will help to boost your self-esteem. And we all know how important your self-confidence is when you’re attracting into your life the type of man you’re looking for.

#5. Relax, have fun and cease worrying

Life is not meant to be lived with constant worrying. Worry does not help in any way or make things happen. Only your harmonious relationship with yourself and your wise and confident actions will make a difference towards a positive and fulfilled life. When the situation is beyond your control, continue believing that you have the ability to make important changes for yourself. Cease worrying about things which are beyond your power of will. Relax and have fun to refuel. Give yourself the gift of time with silence, soothing music and visions of beauty. Allow fun in your life. If you can think of life as an enjoyable journey, you will automatically relax and quit worrying over things that do not matter.

#6. Make an effort to stop the self-criticism

Make it a habit to praise yourself every day. Acknowledge your efforts in doing something regardless of the outcome. Think compassionately and positively about yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself despite all your “flaws”. Reverse your thoughts when you catch your mind judging yourself. Love yourself for all the good that you see and accept your flaws. Be in peace with the fact that you are imperfect. Remind yourself that all those “flaws” that make you an unique individual.

#7. Forgive yourself

You might have made mistakes in the past that had caused you to feel less esteemed or worthy of love. But remember only when you love yourself, you are worthy of love. So learn to forgive yourself and get ready to shake off the baggage you’ve been carrying around for so long.

#8. Trust yourself

Have confidence in your abilities. Know that you will make important changes for yourself. Acknowledge your own feelings and be truthful about them. Enjoy them as you go and help yourself to become connected with your inner world in a deeper way.

#9. Establish what you want from dating and stick to it

Well once you’re connected with your own feelings it should be easier to know what you expect from dating. Are you looking for a casual relationship? Then do not let relationship-type guys into your life. Likewise, if you are looking for a long-term guy in a lasting relationship, do not jump into bed with the first guy who sends you a text message about having a fling over the Holiday break. Make sure that you do not cause any heartache to anybody including yourself by not sticking to what you really want.

#10. Put yourself out there with the men you want to meet

If you are looking for a fling with a guy who dates casually, put yourself where they are-- the bars, the clubs and dance venues. Not to say that all men at these places are like that, but few married couples would talk about how they met their spouse at a loud bar where you can hardly hear each other. If you are looking for a long-term guy instead, put yourself in the environments where he enjoys spending time-- the hobby class, walk for a cause or the bookstore. The point is in order to date, you need to meet men, and that isn’t going to happen while you are at home surfing the Internet.

Last But Not Least, Being A 21st Century Woman Is Challenging

Dating in the 21st century is not easy but not just for women, for men too. If you can naturally be a 21st Century woman without trying too hard, that would probably be the best dating advice for women that anyone can come up with.

Although communication means and many ways of gender interaction have drastically changed within the last few decades, when it comes to your attitude this century’s woman needs to be sure of what she wants and equipped with the confidence to go after it.

Whether you prefer flirting over text, dating online, going to speed dating, or simply trying to meet a man using more conventional methods, just look perfect and in harmony with yourself, love yourself and put yourself out there embracing the next phase of your life. You can be sure that it won’t take long for a guy to notice you and ask you out on a date.

And a little lingerie has never hurt anybody. You will feel sexier, therefore you will act sexy and guys just love that.

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