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Flirting Quotes

We wanted to put some fun, funny and engaging flirting quotes to inspire you. Feel free to change, adapt, elaborate as you flirt away… There are different tactics to flirting, but remember that when flirting reflects a sense of playfulness and irony it is always more successful and enjoyable. Do not hold on showing your wit […]


Fundamental Dating Tips for Women

Are you looking for applicable and effective dating tips for women? Every personal situation might require a different type of dating advice but some of the dating tips for women will produce successful results not only in your dating life but also in creating the imperative self-confidence and determining if you have viable relationship to hang […]


How to Get Him to Notice You?

After some time together if you worry that things aren’t the same or that you want your man to see you in a new light, then we can suggest some tried-and-true ways on how to get him to notice you again or more…  1. Jazz things up. Dress up! It’s not like he doesn’t like the way you look […]


How to Tell If A Guy Likes You: 12 Signs

A person, a man or a woman, could tell if somebody likes them. It is usually very subtle but crystal clear when a person fancies us. A guy, even a shy guy, would give so many signs to show a woman that he likes her. It’s really hard not to see the obvious… unless you’re really into […]


Why Men Pull Away?

It’s extremely confusing for you who thought all along that everything was going impeccably, and all of a sudden you are left trying frantically to pinpoint what may have gone wrong to cause a change in your partner’s behavior. Almost all of us experienced a blow-off like this at least once, but probably more. In […]


Why Men Cheat on Their Wives and Loyal Women

Why Men Cheat? Why men cheat is a million dollar question and the answer might also be quite complicated.Unfortunately it’s way more common than one might think. In today’s day and age, most women encounter cheaters in their lifetime, and usually more than once. And these women are way more numerous than women who are […]


How to Get a Boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend is not the answer… Concentrate on getting the boyfriend you want!There is nothing wrong with being single. It’s certainly not a time in your life when you should feel lonely, desperate, or out of luck. Sometimes finding Mr. Right is a matter of luck but if you do not take […]


How to Flirt with A Guy Following 2 Handful Tips

How to Flirt with A Guy Following 2 Handful TipsKnowing how to flirt with a guy or to reciprocate the signs of flirting initiated by a hot man seems to be in every single gal’s mind… First up, loosen that tie and relax a little around the people you meet in general. Boost up your […]


How to Make A Man Respect You?

Respect is one of the most important components in a relationship. It is in fact the foundation of intimacy and love. For instance it is hard to love a man that you do not respect. It takes time to fall in love with the real person, but also it takes even more time to really respect […]


How to Get A Guy to Notice You?

Is your love or interest towards a particular guy is unrequited? Does it feel like you have tried several things to get his attention, but he’s not even noticing that you two are sharing the same planet? Or maybe you’ve been married for a little while and feel like your partner is not looking at you the […]


Why Men Lose Interest?

It is quite an uncomfortable feeling, isn’t it, to see your man loosing interest in you? This could have happened in a blur or he could have given you some clues along the way. Either way, you must be feeling insecure and somehow powerless. You are probably trying to understand why men lose interest in a […]