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Some of you reading maybe single, others may already be in a relationship. No matter where you are in life as far as romantic relationships and partnerships go, the game of love is not easy to grasp. Because unlike any other game there are no rules to this one.

Life is not a Hollywood movie or a romance novel, is it? Happy endings in life normally open a big door to new challenges (constant work and self growth) in real life. For that reason I never understood why movies end when the couple is at the altar.

No matter what challenges are whether you're single, married or in a partnership, those are the things that make life more interesting and will carry our journey to a happier existence on Earth.

Men love differently than women. In fact they feel and think differently than women too. Furthermore they also process life through different sets of eyes and emotional filters. That alone sets two genders tremendously apart. They might take longer to commit to a woman.

Therefore we would be at a better start if we treat men differently, meaning different that we would women or ourselves. Although we will talk about common characteristics men have and their typical behavioral patterns, we women should avoid general assumptions about the other specie. Because let's admit: assumptions are not good for anyone and we can very well be off causing lots of wasted time and emotional investment.

We also have to understand that men don't need to be manipulated, they need to be understood and supported (as much as we need, if not more.)

You will always gain a great deal of value from your relationship if you consider being his friend, lover and so much more at the same time. Be more than he could ever expected, but didn't know he could have until now. Oh boy... this is not an easy task to achieve. And do not think that you have to do all the work and all the giving yourself in order to hear those three magic words. Au contraire! He also has to prove that he deserves your love, care, and attention. Nevertheless setting the right courtship scene could be in your hands for him to acknowledge your place in his heart and in his life.

On this website you will find suggestions, advise and tips to set the right courtship tone with your current or your future Mr. Right.

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